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Creative ALT Agency is committed to providing exceptional support services to our clients. We offer six months of free support as perks from the launch date of your website, ensuring that your initial investment receives continued care. During this period, our dedicated team will promptly address any issues related to the website’s development as agreed upon in the project scope. We strive to maintain efficient communication by responding to support requests within 24-48 business hours. Please note that our support does not cover third-party issues or server-related problems. After the initial six-month support period, we offer ongoing support at our standard plans. This approach helps us maintain the quality of service and ensures that our clients receive the assistance they need while managing costs effectively. We believe in clear, transparent communication to deliver the best possible web development support.

Creating a support policy for your web development agency is a good practice to set clear expectations with your clients. Below is an example support policy with its terms of service (TOS) and a discussion of its advantages, disadvantages, and how clients can no longer use your support system.

Support Terms of Service (TOS):

1. Scope of Support:

a. We provide six months of free support from the launch date of your website.
b. Support covers resolving issues related to the development of the website as agreed upon in the project scope.
c. New feature requests are not included in the free support and may require additional charges.

2. Response Time:

a. We aim to respond to support requests within 24-48 business hours.
b. Response times may vary based on the complexity of the issue.
c. Priority support will be exclusively available to clients who have opted for our paid Support Plan.

3. Exclusions:

a. Support does not cover issues caused by third-party plugins or software not developed by us.
b. Issues arising from server configuration, hosting, or domain registration are not included.

4. Communication:

a. Support requests should be submitted through our designated support channels.
b. Please provide detailed information about the issue for quicker resolution.

5. Limitations:

a. The free support period expires six months after the website's launch date.
b. Additional support beyond this period is available at our standard hourly rates.

Advantages of the Support TOS:

Clear Expectations:

Setting clear support terms helps manage client expectations and reduces misunderstandings.


The policy establishes a specific timeframe (six months) for free support, ensuring that clients are aware of the duration.

Improved Efficiency:

By specifying response times and communication methods, you can provide more efficient support.

Cost Control:

Excluding new features from free support prevents clients from making unlimited demands, helping control costs.

Disadvantages of the Support TOS:


Some clients may find the fixed six-month support period limiting, especially if they encounter issues after the period ends.

Potential Conflicts:

There may be disputes over whether a particular issue falls within the scope of support, especially for complex cases.

Client Expectations:

Support has limits. We'll review extensions, but client expectations must stay within those limits.

Free Support Suspension:

Excessive Tampering:

If a client excessively interferes with the website's code, design, or functionality and repeatedly restores it from backups, support may be suspended. We encourage clients to contact our team for guidance and assistance with any necessary changes.

Theme and Plugin Updates:

If our team is responsible for updating themes and plugins to ensure your website's stability and security, it's important not to interfere with this process. Unauthorized modifications may lead to support suspension.

Accidental User ID Removal:

In the rare event that a Creative ALT user ID is mistakenly removed from the website, client support will be terminated immediately. Please exercise caution when making changes to your website.

Avoid Unnecessary Changes:

We advise clients not to make unnecessary changes to their websites without consulting our team. If a modification is required, please contact us, and we will assist in implementing the necessary changes while preserving the website's integrity.

Note: These points emphasize the importance of collaborating with our team to ensure that website maintenance, updates, and changes are carried out smoothly without compromising the support and security we offer. Our company offers free support as a learning opportunity for website management. However, if our team deems any activity or behavior inappropriate, we reserve the right to suspend your support. Please note that once support is suspended, it cannot be reinstated as it was offered as a complimentary perk. Reinstatement of support is only available through our paid plans.

Ending Client Support:

When the free support period expires, Our team informs the client about the end of free support and offers them the option to purchase additional support plans. Our team makes sure to provide clear communication regarding this transition and explain the terms and costs associated with extended support.

It’s important for us to collaborate with our legal counsel to ensure that our support policy remains in compliance with local laws and regulations. Moreover, we are dedicated to keeping our support policy up-to-date to reflect any changes in our agency’s practices and services for the benefit of our clients.

Last Updated: 23 Aug 2023

Our Plan Difference:

Free Support

Website Backup:

Once your website development is complete, we'll create a backup to ensure your data's safety.

Regular Updates:

We'll keep your website's themes and plugins up to date for optimal performance.

Premium Security:

Enjoy premium security features for the duration of our support period, keeping your website protected.

Weekly Check-up:

In addition to regular maintenance, we'll perform a weekly check-up to monitor and maintain your website's health.

Paid Support Plan:

Continuous Backups:

Depending on your chosen plan (daily, weekly, or monthly), your website will be consistently backed up, safeguarding your data.

Premium Updates:

We'll manage updates for your themes and plugins, ensuring your website stays current.

Top-Tier Security:

Our high-end premium security measures (varying with your plan selection) will fortify your website's defenses.

Monthly Reports:

Receive monthly reports about your website's performance and status, tailored to your chosen plan.


Frequently Asked Questions

Free support is a complimentary service provided during the website development phase, covering the first 6 months of website management. In contrast, a paid support plan is a service clients purchase to receive ongoing assistance with management-related tasks, including updates, fixes, and security measures.

Backup frequency in the Paid Support Plan depends on your choice—options include hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly backups.

Premium Updates" cover the regular maintenance and updating of themes and plugins to ensure your website's functionality and security.

The security level varies based on your plan selection and may include firewall protection, malware scanning, and more. Please refer to your specific plan for details.

You can sign up for the Paid Support Plan by contacting our support team. You may also be able to switch plans based on your needs; please discuss plan changes with our support team for assistance.

Yes, you can upgrade to a Paid Support Plan at any time to access additional benefits. Contact our support team to make the transition.

Of course! Contact our support team, and we'll guide you in choosing the right support plan that aligns with your website's specific needs and goals.

Excessive tampering includes continuous and unauthorized alterations to the website's code, design, or functionality, as well as repetitive restorations from backups without valid reasons. We recommend contacting our team for guidance and assistance with any necessary changes to avoid potential support suspension.

Accidental removal of the Creative ALT user ID can result in immediate support termination. We strongly advise exercising caution when making changes. In the event of an accidental removal, please contact our team promptly for assistance in resolving the issue and reinstating support.

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